2019 FIA European Pro Mod Championship, Jimmy Ålund

Race #2, Tierp Internationals, Tierp Arena, Sweden

"Ups'n downs"

Norrköping, Sweden, June 17, 2019 - Race number 2, the Tierp Internationals at Tierp Arena, Sweden.

Pro Mod - Electrical issues and drive line problems led to a less than satisfactory qualifying sessions for The Old 51, including not coming out for round 3. Ålund was not still not qualified to race in eliminations after Q4 but the team hit it good in the fifth and last qualifying round with Ålund ending up as the #5 qualifier in a strong 22-car field.

Eliminations started fine with Ålund a win in the first round moving into the quarterfinals, but another electrical gremlin put an end to the weekend, The Old 51 could not be repaired in time for elimination round number 2.

"We've had better weekends", says Ålund. "This one will be filed under 'F for forget'. The positive thing is that we've cleared some technical hurdles and the whole team is raring to go to Finland and follow up on our win there last year with a victory also this year".

The next race is the FHRA Nitro Nationals, on the new track in Kauhava, Finland, on July 5-7.

Summit Racing Equipment is sponsoring both the Old 51 Pro Mod car and the Ålund Pro Stock Camaro this year. This is in addition to Viking Industrimålning, Sverigedemokraterna, KB Racing, Camaroskroten, All American AB and Stigs Axle and Parts. Jimmy Ålund Racing is very grateful for the continuing support from such great companies.


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